Monday, February 11, 2013

A New Inspiration

As I open totes to assess their contents, I came across ‘pages’ of small decorating fabric samples that I had cut from sample books that had been discontinued, layered by color and type and stapled onto a sheet of heavy paper. 

Now, I have found these smaller shaped peices and have wondered, just what on earth am I going to do with them? They are upholstery weight and approximately 6 x 5 and some are 9 x 10. Initially, I thought, little bags, wallets and purses. I do not have many patterns for such items, however, I can easily design a bag, wallet or purse and make it, documenting the pattern as I go, so that is one idea. 

Then on Sunday morning, as I checked my e-mail, Pinterest had the most popular pins for the week... so I moved down the page and someone has a board on bookmaking. I did some of this in college and really enjoyed it, and a few years ago, I bound a book, of a story I had written for a long time and very dear friend. The book turned out great. I didn’t allow myself enough time for the illustrations, and that is a disappointment to me. 

However, we talked of other types of books I could create and it was quite inspiring.  

Now I am thinking my little chunks of fabric can be used for bookbinding as well...  

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