Friday, February 15, 2013

A whole lotta nothin'

It feels like a whole lotta nothin' is going on right now.

There has been much writing at the computer. It has been all over the place. Finally I feel like there is a tool to keep me on track and stream line the thought process when it comes to my self.

Snippets of writing have been happening for two days now. Some related to business plans, some creative ideas, some outlines for workshops and seminars. As the ideas come in, I create a new page or a new outline. It is a flood of ideas none very organized- Chaotic writing. I will glean information, connect the dots and it will be a finished picture of what I want my life to look like.

Right now is between design projects and it has been interesting and scary the thoughts that are allowed to come forth when I am not in partnership with others. I like collaborating on projects with others. I like to think of myself as a visionary, although when it comes to my own life, I haven't been much of that lately. The visionary for myself is starting to emerge.

Lately dreams have been insightful and interesting. My subconscious has been speaking to me in terms that I can understand and when I wake up in the morning, I can feel the resonance in my body as I correlate the symbolism of the dream highlights. With such clarity happening at a faster rate, I feel like there is something very exciting right around the corner. So, it is still important to explore everything and gather as much information about it all, as the window for 'application' and 'action' is about to open.

It is interesting to see the creative cycle. Is it a circle or is it a wave?  Inspiration, gathering information, putting it all together, making a plan, taking the action, completing, destruction and grieving of the end of it all. Maybe it is more of a wave, the well is the end and the next thing, building until it seems it will overpower. That may sound weird to many, but for me it is very real. I grieve the purpose and excitement of being the catalyst for discovery for others. To see their face light up when the moment of  uncertainty has passed and the vision is taking form, promising more than they had ever imagined.

Hmm, I see something in my own process. Why I have created the specific cycle of challenge I have recently found myself in? I am creating my life. There is the part of me that is all knowing and divine, connected to source, that has the vision and the master plan. As things have been progressing over the past few months (from my perspective, being in the dark in regards to the plan, it seems like nothing has been progressing) it is that very perspective, that lack of trust in the visionary of my life, my inner self, that creates the challenges of the journey. My inner self is much stronger than I, in the face of my distrust and uncertainty. Much like I am with my clients. When I know something is going to work, I hold the space for the vision being created. I am not influenced by their discomfort. If I am uncertain and they are uncertain, that aspect gets redeveloped and less risky, so as to ensure success. I am a risk taker, when I am certain of the outcome. I am also a risk taker when I am comfortable with the consequences of failure... this is an area I must expand, becoming more comfortable with potential consequences, for they too, create new opportunities.

It is time for me to finally have that trust within myself. After all, it is that wise, inner self that is the source of the visions created for my clients. I am merely the channel to make it happen. There is, in my life as well; I am the channel to make it happen. I am ready to see the vision... so, what has been in the works higher self? I am asking my Self, "Do share, I am on the edge of my seat"... I have a feeling that those who know me well, have seen glimpses of it all along. Now it is time for the Revelation, the mystery to be revealed. I hope it is soon! 

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