Monday, February 18, 2013

Creative Friends

It is a rather gloomy looking monday morning.. somedays that just seems to go hand in hand, doesn't it.

As I sit on my sofa, writing and planning my schedule for the week, getting it all out of my head and onto my calendar, the overwhelming feeling of the past few weeks is subsiding.

Thursday, the Ladies who Lunch are coming to my house for our creative conversations. Then in the evening, I am going to join Paula for the Lecture at the Goldstein Museum. We will have a great deal to talk about on Thursday. Paula just published her first blog post. It is a beautiful site and the photography is lovely. As someone who knows Paula, pretty well in her creative being, the website does capture her personality and I suspect... there are glimpses, of some surprise insights, as well. I look forward to following her creative journey! Here is the link to her blog...

Judy has showcased a fabulously detailed ensemble for the Go Red 'Hearts for Fashion Show', recently held at the Mall of America. I am quite happy to have been able to attend. It was great to be able to support a friend. Seeing the rewards of diligent work and dedication culminate in success! I took some photos, but they were very blurry, so nothing to show for it on this end.

Edith is just fun. She is enthusiastic regardless of what is going on with her personally. She has had some big challenges lately. Edith is always supportive and positive, providing wisdom and true caring.  Edith has big things ahead for her. She has a big goal, she is quite accomplished with her past work, but it is incomplete. There is a gift for the world there. I trust that it will emerge when the timing is just right. Sometimes setbacks are there to pace us with the rest of the world, they aren't quite ready yet... soon.

Yesterday, I spent the day with my friend Shelly Ann, finishing sorting through her mothers buttons. We sorted them mostly by color and then by size. There seemed to be a million little shirt buttons that were the prettiest green. Most likely from someones grandpa's flannel shirts. I gathered a few more for my projects, I ended up with a quart. She also found a lovely black satin collar that had been embroidered with white beads. It will be a lovely addition to a jacket I think. I know just the fabric, or two, they may have to audition with a few patterns, as well..

Beaded collar with two possible fabrics, depends on the pattern...
I look forward to getting together with my friend Kris, from college, to create something! Last month we got together and just spent the afternoon working on a short afternoon project. A crafty project, those are a good creative block buster! We covered cheap candles with decorative papers. I think we should have a creative day every month of just silly projects that are pure creative expression, with no end use in mind.

It is refreshing to be with friends who get me. Who allow me to be in the creative waters of my inspiration and imagination. Friends who are genuinely interested in the source of the gleam in my eye when another great idea strikes. Creative friends gather inspiration from each other, we support each others strengths and work through the weaknesses. (which are usually self induced, mentally!)

Do you have a group of likeminded creatives? Look at the support network available to you currently in your life and actively seek out others who will support you in your creativity AND WHOM YOU ALSO WILL SUPPORT. It is so enlightening to be able to hear the creative wisdom that is so easily taken for granted, when you share something about one of your experiences. Creative networks are truly a give and receive endeavor. Just sharing experiences and insights, provides the answer another may be seeking. Creativity works that way... mysteriously... Serendipity.


  1. That collar is GORGEOUS! I want to see how you'll incorporate it into a design.

    Your point about MUTUAL support is so important. Just since starting my blog (thank you for mentioning it!) I've thought more about how I give support to others who've taken on challenging work. I'm going to be more proactive, that's for sure.

    1. The black and white string fabric seems to be the most happy with the collar. The herringbone seems to want a chesterfield collar and I have just the pattern in mind.

      Support has been an ongoing inner dialogue for me lately. Knowing what to offer and when is apparently an art.


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