Friday, December 7, 2012

The Pantone Color of 2013-a theory of healing and personal responsibility

These are my initial thoughts on Pantone's 2013 Color of the year, Emerald, and a link to their official site.

It is a good color (of course there is no such thing as a bad color, only bad color context)  and a color that doesn't surprise me in light of the shifting economically, politics and social phenomenon. We are in the midst of defining how technology and information will impact us. We see, the old systems don't work, people have access to more information, although it may not be consistent, we are able to do our own research, form out own opinions and speak our own truth. In these volatile times, balance and healing are essential to our growth.

All color is a vibration. Green is a color that has more distinctions than any other hue, meaning, we see a larger range of green than any other color. The vibration of Emerald is on the verge of neutral, having a hint of blue, making it a little cooler than true green; which is neither warm nor cool. When paired with blues, aquas and turquoise, its cool perception is greatly enhanced. Combined with yellow-green and yellows, it takes on a deep glow of warmth. A color that is healing, balanced, and promotes growth.

Green, a dominant color found in nature, is calming, lush, relaxing, fresh, new, transformative and life giving. In addition to these characteristics, Emerald is a color that evokes prosperity, abundance, a lavish color.

Green in general, is also a color associated with the heart center, it is a color that balances emotions. It is essential that we balance our emotions and allow ourselves to access our deeper feelings and core values around issues.

Pairing last years color, Tangerine Tango, with 2013's color Emerald, speaks to the green/peach combination that was popular for a time in the eighties. That was a color combination that elicits 'good behavior', it is traditional and well mannered. There is an unspoken code of etiquette, that is inherent in our deeper consciousness.

Let us not forget our manners and respect in creating our new reality.  Maybe by becoming more conscious of our own behavior in the process, putting our energy into being the best person we can be will accelerate the healing process. We must stop making everyone else the culprit for creating the situation we are in as a society. It is time to look at what our part in the mess was, what values did we promote and what values have we been living by?

After all, Orange is a color that brings our awareness to our relationships. In the chakra system, red being the color of the root or first chakra (survival and primal instinct) and yellow being the third chakra (sense of personal will and intellectual clarity) Orange is in the middle of these two hues, the color of the second chakra, (sexuality and relationships) Tangerine Tango, (which is to orange, off center slightly towards red, what emerald is to green, off center slightly towards blue) has us looking at our relationships, reflecting on how we relate to our primal instincts, our very survival. (Food and shelter issues)

With Emerald leaning towards Blue (in the chakra system, the throat chakra, communication) We now are healing our relationship to those areas, communicating our needs, growing stronger bonds to those things that we value as individuals and collectively. With the technology, many of us have found our voice.

Technology and specifically, the internet, is a venue to blog, to vent, to vet and to vote.. declare what we support, value, to research, to assess and analyze. It puts the power of information into the hands of every individual with access. It is up to our own consciousness (yellow, third chakra, intellect and personal will) to determine what we believe and support and what we don't. It is a place to assert our voice. We are moving into a society of transparency... we have to be ready for that. Forgive those who have transgressed, as we have transgressed against others at times. Get off of the soap boxes of righteousness and remember we are none, better than the other. Rather we are unique with our own passions, values and experiences.

Ok, now that I have caught my breath, what are your thoughts on Emerald? Favorite? Not so favorite? What other colors do you like to see with emerald? How did you feel about Tangerine Tango? Did you find yourself attracted to it? or avoiding it? If you used it, how?

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  1. Well, I wasn't expecting to like Emerald all that much, as I really like mossy greens and olive greens and I thought Emerald would be the color of frozen peas, without any complexity. But it's interesting, and I like it. I'll watch for it in 2013. Maybe I'll buy fabric incorporating Emerald. I've long liked high-contrast color combinations, but have come to enjoy monochromatic schemes.
    As for Tangerine Tango, I like it, probably because I can wear it.


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