Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I love what I do- Before and After photos

Today I had the pleasure to meet with some great clients to review an area rug design and finalize color specification.

They shared with me today how much they love their new spaces. As I looked around, I was overcome with a feeling of great success, not only in creating a beautiful space, but a space that is appreciated, valued and 'loved' by my clients.

It is such a privilege to use the knowledge and experience to enrich the lives of others.

To all of my clients past and current, Thank you for the opportunity to serve your needs and provide beautiful spaces beyond your expectations.

Here are a few before and after photos.....

New range, sink-After
Cooktop and sink-before

The floor changed from vinyl to 5" Hickory planks. The pot rack, which was located in the eating area of the kitchen was moved near the stove, where the cook is!

The countertop is recycled glass and resin, made locally here in Minneapolis. We selected an apron front sink to avoid wasted cutout materials.

The cabinetry is made to look like individual furniture pieces. There are three different colors of cabinet in this kitchen, the trim is yet another painted finish, all visible in this photograph.

The tile backsplash is tumbled limestone and glass mosaic. The backsplash goes to the ceiling to visually support the open corner behind the pot rack.

Wall oven and Living room doorway
The new wall oven and LR doorway

The doorway to the dining room was opened to the ceiling, creating a more open feeling by connecting the floor material as well as the ceiling. The doorways as well as the space between the counter and refrigerator were widened a bit, making the space more accessible.
Eat in area of Kitchen Before

Eat in area of Kitchen after

We added a built in cabinet with display tower in the corner. Accessorizing is still in process, artwork etc. is being determined for all of the wall spaces, kitchen, living room and dining room. Many family heirlooms are to be integrated into the wallscapes.

Well, that is it for Monday's posting on Tuesday morning. I will be back on Wednesday... to share photos of my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree...

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