Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Christmas Update

Happy Wednesday! What a weird week schedule and routine wise.... A nice break from it actually and next week more of the same.

Christmas eve was spent with my parents and my brother, at the Lake. Mom and Dad hadn't left for AZ yet. It seems mom's medical tests were odd enough that they wanted her to see a specialist and have other tests. That kept them home for Fran's passing. When mom went to the specialist, she said, she couldn't see anything out of the, my mom is fine and dad said they may as well spend Christmas here. Christmas Day we all went to my sisters to celebrate her Birthday and the holiday.

The two days were a lovely gathering with family, something we haven't experienced for many years. I am grateful, as I know many people are having a challenging time without their loved ones making the tradition more bittersweet.

My housemate, spent a lovely holiday with his dad and step mom, who also usually go south for the winter. So, he spent the days with his four boys and parents, having  a wonderful time.

They talked a bit about their excursions at auctions and such, they resell items. He was telling me they said they can find anything... I was thinking, to see if they could find me a dress mannequin. My adjustable one downstairs is fine for skirts and such, but she is much more flat chested than I am. So fitting that part of a garment is usually off. Not to mention just for inspiration and photographing garments I have.  I didn't mention it though.

After catching up on our holidays, he asked, "Have you been in your room yet?" What an odd thing to say and he asked again. I said, "No, I dropped my stuff in the kitchen, my room is messy right now and I didn't feel like going in there." He then stood there and looked at me from the hallway and I thought I better go and see what he was referring to.

So as I walked towards my room, I saw when I looked into the doorway....
Linen covered mannequin in beautiful condition!

I had to move her to the hallway for the photo, as yes, my room is still messy! But Oh, I was so excited to see her. Apparently my aunt had her in the hallway upstairs. He said, "Shelly would LOVE her!" So, she said, "Well, you should take her home then for Shelly." 

I called my aunt and uncle immediately. "I love her!" I exclaimed as my uncle answered the phone. I told him how thrilled I was to have her, and then he said it was my aunt's treasure, so I best talk to her. 

She was happy I was able to use it she said as she hadn't had a use for it for quite some time now. 

Now, to figure out where to keep her.... ???

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