Friday, December 28, 2012

Creative Laziness

It is friday and I have been doing some reading for entertainment lately and just plain lounging around. Yesterday, I didn't even take a shower until after 5 o'clock. Some days are just like that. I think today might be more of the same. It is snowing outside and cold.

Downstairs, I have approximately four tablecloths with hems pressed in. I found several large pieces of fabric, two I gave to my sister, the colors match her house nicely. I don't know if she really wanted them, she didn't seem to know what to do with them. I kept one for myself and pressed hems in the others.

I may go downstairs and sew later this afternoon. The floor is quite cold down there, but once I start moving around it warms up ok. I would like to get the sewing done before the weekend and maybe sort through some additional bins.

My mom gave me a printed apron cloth. I like the colors and it will be good practice for designing my own.

A friend of mine and I are committed to entering 12 Spoonflower contests this year. They don't have to be consecutive, or even the same ones. We also agreed, we can collaborate on as many as we want (need) to, to meet our commitment to developing our creativity and practicing some new skills, while brushing up on some old ones.

Right now, I am warm under my blanket as I write this on the sofa. My body is comfortable and doesn't want to move to another location. This house is rather cold sometimes. We only have six months to go here in this little cottage by the river. I have already accomplished more things here than I did at the other house and I was there 11 years!

Writing this is helpful in motivating me to go and do something productive today. I may just go take a shower and head downstairs anyway. Playing with fabric is a fun and inspiring thing to do. I may get some things cleared out of the way and sorted. Yes, I have talked myself into it.

As I sit here writing, I think if the evenly pressed hems of the decorator weight cottons draped over my chair. There are four of them to hem. Some have narrow hems, some have larger hems.

And now, my mind wanders to a fabric I have had in mind for a kitchen curtain.  I don't have any cafe rings anymore, as the bedroom curtain used up the ones for the kitchen too. I don't feel like ordering another package, so I think I will sew eyelets in the header. Hmmm, another idea formulating. I can further develop it as I stitch in the hems and cut out the aprons.

There will be lots of goodies to post for monday, as today, there is a lack of imagery for the blog... but my mind is rich with visions, thank you audience.

What motivates you to take action on your creative visions? Do you have a process to get out of the Laz-ees?

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