Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Post 100- The story of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

My Christmas Tree (2011)
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree (2012)
 Wow! This morning, I checked the blog stats and this is my 100th post! By 10:00 AM 10 people had already clicked on the blog today and 333 page views in the past month! Thank you and thanks for sharing! I promised to share the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

A few weekends ago, HM and I agreed to put up a tree, as it looks like his boys would be coming here for Christmas. There are four of them. I hadn't been too crazy about putting up a tree, as the room is on the verge of bursting with the amount of furniture. There is seating for 6, if you like cozy.

It was proposed to move a chair or two out of the room, but then I questioned, where everyone would sit in the event, we had company? Great Tree Room, where is the Living room and where do we sit?

Then, I thought I had it figured out, I moved the end table from in front of the window and put it between the TV and the barrel chair in the corner, slid the TV centered on the side window and I thought I had it.. until the saturday we took my tree down from the attic. It is a 7 ft. scotch pine, with apparently a large diameter! We placed it in front of the window, dropped the branches and it came to absolute center of the living room. Clearly, that was NOT going to work.

At Thanksgiving, my mom was pushing Christmas Trees to me, wondering if I needed one. I love the one I have, it is perfect for the way I like to decorate them... Themed or not, last year, I had 900 lights. This year we were going to add one more string to make it 1000 lights! I declined, saying I didn't want to store another tree, wasn't sure yet if we were even going to put one up. (I am sometimes accused of being 'bah-hum-bug-gy') So be it, I also get accused of having a lot of 'stuff'. So unless, I am very inspired in the moment by something, I pass it by.

Well, I caved to the pressure that saturday and called my mom. I asked if she had a tree. (of course she did, before holidays in AZ, she had 7 trees in the house. No wonder my dad likes to go to AZ for the holidays, it is a lot of work!) She said she would ask my dad and send him up to the shed to get one for me.

The following Sunday, we had Christmas at my sister's and my dad could not get the little Charlie Brown tree out of his truck and into my car fast enough.  Last sunday, when the snow was falling (we got 10 inches here) I untangled the rats nest of lights on it, putting only two of the three strands back on and only one tote of decorations. The tree is maybe it is two feet in diameter, about six and a half feet tall and it fits PERFECTLY in the living room of our little cottage by the river!

The back yard in the snow... lots of snow!

outside in the falling snow

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  1. Your tree is delightful!

    I especially love the picture of it taken from outdoors. What a cheering sight for passersby!


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