Monday, December 31, 2012

A Creative Progress Report

Tablecloth detail Rayon thread hem
Digging into one tote of fabric, I came across these large samples from International Market Square. I obtained them, oh, a good, fifteen years ago, at least as the showrooms were letting go of discontinued samples. I picked these up, as I thought they were interesting fabric design concepts. The fabrics themselves are almost vintage.
Decorative rayon thread hem for tablecloth
 I began playing around with the decorative stitches on my sewing machine, which I rarely use. (the stitches, not the sewing machine, although, I could definitely use that more, as well) The top one, has a section of stitching that needs to be removed, as it didn't stitch very evenly. I decided to proceed on the first one with a very simple stitch.  The more complex stitches require the speed setting to be at the slowest.
Rayon Thread Decorative Hem
The rayon thread is some of the stash that I acquired a while ago. I have a fairly good selection of colors and love the sheen of the thread. To begin with, I basted in the hem of each tablecloth. The basting stitches will be removed and the stitch holes, should they remain, will be steamed out and the tablecloth pressed and hung on a hanger. The cloth above has the stitch length and width shortened up and mimics the small four-square design in the fabric. 
Decorative Stitch hem for Tablecloth #4

Thread matching was great fun, although, tablecloth #4 the sheen makes it appear more purple than I wanted. Again, the basting will be taken out and the cloths pressed. Some areas, the decorative stitching barely caught the hem, so I will have to hand stitch those in. They aren't as perfect as I would like, but, they are just fine for my everyday use. I can enjoy the beautiful fabrics on my table in the kitchen. In the next place, we will have a dining table. 
Preprinted Apron from Mom

I also cut out a preprinted apron that my mom gave me over Christmas. Technically, it isn't fabric, as it is preprinted for an apron. So I accepted it. The only thing I can make from it is an apron. I remember the rule, no new fabric until we move. (then I will most likely have to set a new outline for new rules, still no fabric for a great while.. there is plenty to sew over here)
Preprinted apron with lining and trim fabric
My mom also gave me this preprinted apron panel a long time ago. When I was working at Glad's I found the two fabrics that are pictured with it. The Rusty Orange color is the lining and the blue will be a narrow ruffle trim on the pockets and hem edge of the apron. This one I pre washed. The other apron panel I just cut. It has not been pre washed.

That is what I accomplished over the weekend. It has been very cold in the basement and isn't very inviting to go down there and work. Once I am down there for a while, it is ok. I would like to get to the bottom of at least that tote by the end of the week. Some of the other swinger samples from IMS, I have visions of making into garment bags.

Well, that is what I have been up to. Happy New Year Everyone, as we say goodbye to 2012 with fond memories and anticipate the of wonderful happenings in the works for 2013!! The future is ours! The mayans have let go.

There are no more predictions, we are now free and un-hindered to collectively and individually create our own destiny!

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