Monday, November 12, 2012

Creating Structure

This weekend was a busy one, however, rewarding. The first dinner party. We, housemate and I invited my parents and his parents for dinner. I made a new recipe and my mom & dad brought turkey and dressing.. not my plan.. they seem to have an over abundance of turkeys, so they offered to make it and bring it. I made Mashed potato with Proscuitto and green beans. My aunt and uncle brought desert.

It was lovely to see them having a good time visiting. It was also nice to have them see what we have done to the house to make it home. Both had concerns with the size of the house when we moved in.. But, I worked my magic and my housemate did his share of some projects. I managed to get the studio cleaned up downstairs. It is presentable AND ready for working on projects.
studio work table

Saturday, we went to the savers in NE Minneapolis and I found a great treasure to transform. It is on the schedule for this week, along with priming a new basement storm window, priming the end tables from a post long ago.

The old swing canopy

Fabric for the new swing canopy
I just came from downstairs and cutting out the valance for the swing canopy at my parents house. I promised to have it done by the time they return from their winter home. Maybe I can bring the canopy at thanksgiving and get the cushion for finishing.

My plan for the next few months is to work in the studio MWF in the morning and then post about it in the early afternoon.


  1. Shelly, I am all smiles seeing your workspace come together!
    What is this treasure you are going to transform?

  2. Sorry for the delay, this post didn't show up in my email and I didn't see it until now in my 'stats' page. As you can see a few posts later I revealed the treasure of the vanity...


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