Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve

Well the day flew by. Where did it go? I met with a friend to discuss our ideas and a future collaborative effort, went to Treadle Yard Goods for sewing machine needles.

There are some LOVLY fabrics in at Treadle.. and I almost caved.. but, I reminded myself of the fabulous stash I have at home to work on and by the time I got to anything purchased today, some other lovely will find its way to the shelf.. plus, I made a commitment to myself to work through my stash of fabrics. So, I did it. I left with only the needles I came for.

I then came home and did some writing, as well as work a bit on the website. Oh, I  spoke with a dear friend for a bit.

That was my day and I just realized I hadn't posted today. Another day of small tasks towards large dreams.

Enjoy your thanksgiving and all that you have to be thankful for. There is so much, let us focus on the abundance and the love that we have in our lives.

If you are in a country that celebrates Thanksgiving on another day or not at all, take a moment and acknowledge what you have to be thankful for on this day as well.

Be Well. 

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