Friday, November 2, 2012

Abundance and Bountiful projects in the Imaginary Queue

A Bounty of veggies- and vibrant solids!
Yesterday afternoon after fabulous success (in my opinion- the client hasn't seen it yet) with tile selections for a basement update, I went to my own basement and started sorting the totes of fabric.
There are a great deal of them and about 3-4 have UFO's in them. I couldn't bring myself to go through those.

Instead, I gathered fabric groupings that I know are for projects. Currently  there are two totes full of project materials and another UFO, project bin to go through (included in the 3-4 UFO totes).

The fabric is inspiring as the day I acquired it. Here are some photos of quilt projects that are waiting to be made.

Design TBD- the fish batik is my FAVORITE!!!

Fairy Tale Patchwork
... not large quilts... I know me, it would take several lifetimes to complete large quilts and all of the other sewing I would like to get done... Oh, so much to do... and the Living room draperies are cut out.. Maybe by the end of the weekend, I will have Living room Draperies! And then on to who knows what? .......

There is another apron that would be a quick rewarding project, then I must sort through the UFO's and get them into the line-up!

Oh, and the garments.. I have several patterns and fabrics selected for some fabulous wardrobe pieces! That is another post... I get ahead of myself! 

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