Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The finished Living Room Draperies!

Voila! They are done with eight months to enjoy! Here are photos...

Cottage Draperies for the Living Room

They finally were finished late last evening.. They have some issues still, but oh, it really cozies up the whole house! I love the fabric selection and overall am quite happy with the results.

Open and not very well dressed... (over the chair!)
They are a little short.. The take up at the top due to the scallops between pleats shortened them up considerably. The solution.. attach a slightly gathered wide chiffon ribbon to the bottom edge of the lining (which I haven't finished yet anyway)

Love the blue lamp and green chairs with fabric!
The other problem is the hem extension and the facings, in the satin print... well, this is polyester! I couldn't press it or it would melt... and it has a mind of its' own.. not to mention stat-icky!
For our purposes they will be fine... We can at least watch tv at night without the bus stop people watching with us...

Well, I am off to clean up my sewing room and go vote. Thanks for your patience in waiting for these... I have been talking about them for months.. and without the blog.. I may not have ever gotten them done... so thanks for reading!

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