Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ah, yes... the blog... What to do.... ????

Last week was a very busy week! There was training Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and appointments on friday. Everything came together last week. I had some great ah-ha moments around my business-the design studio, met up with some past acquaintances, helped a friend move on Saturday and Sunday worked a bit on my Pixels and Pens homework, which I did again all day on Monday.

I am working on a new logo design for Shelly's Design Studio. Then, comes a web-site. I know it has been forever and I still haven't done one... I wasn't sure if I was committed to Interior Design.

After some very satisfying projects I realize, I can't give it up. It isn't my 'passion', rather it is a very precise outlet for expressing my passion. Each project is a new set of design challenges, getting to know people and assist them in creating a space beyond what they could have dreamed or imagined, exceeding their expectations.

My passion is design. Period. Just a plain fascination with design and the combining of the elements that make up good design. It is more than just color, although, that is often times my starting place. The other elements all need to support whatever intentional use I am doing with color. It is different in an interior space, an exterior space, a garment, a wardrobe, a quilt, a drawing, a fabric design... the whole process fascinates me.

I am particularly excited about learning Photoshop and getting back into my drawing. I haven't really drawn seriously for many years. I have not picked up a pencil or some colored pencils, or well, not a paint brush in a while either.

There is so much to explore and create! This makes me happy. I am happiest when I am creating and expanding my understanding, techniques, all of it.

It is definitely creative mode time... working on all of these things a little bit at a time, preparing for a full out creative session where something actually gets done... although, it seems like there is always something going on.... something demanding attention. I prefer to work on what is inspiring to me in the moment rather than a deadline to meet. The key to making this work? Only take on obligations that are inspiring in the first place. I am so fortunate to be able to have clients who make requests of me to practice my passion.. ensuring only that those opportunities that are truly inspiring to me, make it onto my calendar!

All of you out east, my thoughts are with you and of a speed-y return to 'normal'. As you are reading this, I am glad you are safe and took a moment of time for yourself and honored that you chose to share it with me! Be Well.

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