Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Drapery progress

Wow, tuesday just flew by. I spent most of the day clearing out bookmarks on the computer and re organizing some folders.

Last evening, I hemmed the bottom edge of the bedroom draperies. This afternoon, I will do the border and attach it to the body of the fabric. Then all gets put together, the finishing details get done and then voila! One window done, another to go.

I will prepare the drapery math post tonight. There is a great app that I have on my phone for measuring. I use it often for my design clients. I haven't taken the time to really learn all of the features of it though and I think it will be great for illustrating drapery math and the deductions for determining finished lengths.

Here are some photos of the bedroom drapery progress.
The lining-nicely pressed!
The bottom hem band

Turn under a double 3" hem
Hand stitch long stitches, so there is no pulling.

The hemmed edge- before pressing.
I haven't gone downstairs yet to do the final press. I would like to get the border done and attached to the hem and top and layout done today, so I can put in the side hems tonight. The header will then go in tomorrow and with any luck. I can hang them by friday night or saturday.

There are a lot of things I would like to get done this weekend. Like vacuum the attic opening in my bedroom. I noticed some fluffy white spider cases strewn about the stairs. The last thing I am looking forward to are THOUSANDS of spiders in my bedroom. I think I will set out the hedge balls today. I purchased some the other night at the grocery store.. so, they will get strategically placed through out the house.

Until later... happy sewing or creating or whatever you may find yourself doing today...

PS There are a couple of bedroom projects that are formulating in my head. Inspired by the really great book I picked up the other day...

Ok. gotta go get something else done! Bye for now.

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