Monday, October 8, 2012

A slow start for Monday

It was a slow start for the day today. Friday afternoon between appointments, the sneezing began and went right on through the weekend. Last night, I was awake from 1:30 to 4:30 this morning. Trying to breathe... through my nose.... Uugghhh! What an effort!

I spent some time on the internet and found some really great and inspiring sewing blogs out there. It inspired me. I had some great ideas for the studio and tweaking placement of furniture and how to sort and organize some things... then, when I fell asleep, I woke up at 9:30! Wow, was I tired! It was a slow start... but, I remembered my inspiration and went right downstairs to work. I moved some things around, organized the roll-y carts under the work table.. AND... found the label maker.. and have been happily making labels all day long! I even had to go to the office supply store and get more tape, I ran out.

I am excited about some things I want to make and have a thought of adding a page to the blog of desired projects to make. I will photograph the fabric and the design inspiration and have just a page of that! It will be a place to document the creative inspiration as it is found.. that is the purpose of the blog for me anyway.. so it is a sort of online scrapbook-journal... to share.. I hope you all don't mind the evolution of this.. I know me, I could plan until the cows come home and pigs fly  and any other farm animal oddities before anything ever got posted and published. After all writing is a creative activity as well and we all don't start out as professional writers. Some may never end up as such, what matters most is what gets communicated. If it touches someone to action, inspiration or empowerment, it was time well spent.

So, for now, the day is coming to a close, I can breathe easy again, physically and mentally and another monday has almost passed.

Tomorrow drapery math and progress on the bedroom draperies.. I got them cut out this weekend and the lining is hemmed!  The fabrics for the living room have been pressed and are ready for design consideration. Hooray for progress!

Good night.

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