Friday, October 12, 2012

Busy friday and an update!

Happy weekend readers! This is just a short post today as it was a busy design day and not much happening on the draperies. Concrete coloring today... hey, EVERY DETAIL MATTERS!

So, I just wanted to share that I received an e-mail from Dena Designs today. After posting about her book in my excitement, haste and inspiration, I thought I maybe should seek permission to use the photos I took of some of the pages of the book. As, I haven't spent a great deal of time researching this protocol stuff, I just sent her an e-mail seeking permission and offering to remove the post if it was not acceptable.  The response was very kind and I am a bit embarrassed that I didn't think to include the photographer's name on my own! My apologies, I have updated the original post. The photos are beautiful in this book! It is what drew me to it in the first place, of course she has great stuff to photograph. A successful book of this nature couldn't happen one with out the other.. great content and great images!

So again, I am very highly recommending this book. It is one of the most favorite and inspiring of all on my bookshelf.. Well, actually, it hasn't made it to my bookshelf yet! It is still in the place of honor on the cocktail table. I plan to really dig into it this weekend between creative actions that I must take and oh, more concrete details on a driveway tomorrow..

Have a great weekend and happy reading to you! Go out an get this book if you are AT ALL creatively stuck! It is like reading SPRING!

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