Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vintage Draperies to be Refashioned into NEW Draperies!

This morning I have rearranged the Living room. The bookcases are almost full. Some of the books will go downstairs in the studio. 

It has been a busy last five days. Painting the basement walls and floor was a great chore. We vacuumed all of the corners, cracks and crevices, filled a concrete hole and washed all of the windows, inside and out. Very grungy work. But it is almost sparkling down there. We then proceeded to bring all of my fabric totes and miscellaneous boxed up studio stuff. The basement is pretty full, hopefully I will be able to purge a great deal of paperwork and other non-desirables and have a neat and open space to work in.

This morning I reviewed my preliminary plan for the living room and there was a chair that I did not place. I had it originally downstairs. It hasn't made it down there and is a very comfortable chair, so I think it is staying in the Living room.

The two channel back barrel chairs from most likely the early 50's maybe late 40's made it in from the garage. My friend dropped them off last week. The fabric is a bit darkened, but in good condition. I think I will have them professionally cleaned and leave them as is. The fabric isn't worn at all, just a bit discolored... I hope it comes out..

There is one large tote left in the garage of my fabric. It is a clear tote from Ikea. On the top of all of my wool plaids were two vintage drapery panels from about the same era as the chairs. I think this fabric will be perfect for the front window drapery.
Vintage drapery panel draped over chair

Detail of floral motif 
This is incentive to get the studio up and running, at least the sewing set up. The hands on stuff. That is what I am missing. I do a lot of creative planning, coordinating and coaching for others. I don't do nearly enough creative activity for myself. These draperies will be great in here.. I will create a special pleat just for the window.

The brown/tan stitched roman shades on the other wall

There are tan/brown colored stitched roman shades on the two windows on the adjacent wall. The acanthus is shadowed with a similar brown on the vintage fabric. There are deep burgundy flowers which match my grandpa's chair (the one staying upstairs) And the peach integrates nicely with the oils of Paris which flank the right side of the window. I have a little blue metal lamp that reminds me of a neoclassical style that I have painted with an iridescent blue to sit on the corner table. The large lamp is in front of the large window, not centered. It looks more interesting that way and is much more functional. The furniture fits this way and the lamp will not be in front of the wands for opening and closing the draperies.

Fabric selection was easy for this window. I have been on the lookout as fabric has been moving downstairs.. I know exactly where my lining is as well. The fabric is a good weight and will drape nicely, holding its pleats well. I do not plan on adding any crinoline or buckram to the header. I want them to have a casual look. Not what would have been there. In reality, I am sure there were traversing draperies on the wall that cleared the glass. I am not putting any hardware up. I am using a custom brass tension rod to mount inside the window casing. The brass will blend into the woodwork better than a standard white which is readily available. Because the rings will traverse, I would not paint the rod.

Well, I better finish that bookcase and start downstairs... I will emerge for another post another day.

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