Thursday, September 6, 2012

Self Expression and Hanging on to OLD STUFF!

I am super excited to make the draperies for the living room window. This weekend I will be drawing up a sketch and planning my design. I will share the results on monday and how I did it.

This afternoon, I am still tackling the clothes... I have gone through the closet- that is all hanging clothes.. now, is the dresser drawers.   It is a challenge, as I have put on weight in the past two years especially. I know when I lost weight before, I was dropping a size every two to three weeks. I went from a size 14 to a size 2. In a year I dropped 60 pounds. It was not a challenge, it was purely walking approximately 3 miles a day, eating mostly fruits and vegetables. Eliminating bread and refined sugar. I also consumed seaweed capsules that I made myself from a blend of 5 different seaweeds and spirulina.

That being said, I know I can do it again. I have now accumulated that size range again.

Making room for the new me to emerge is a challenge. Letting go of the familiar is scary. I had a great deal of personal success and power at my optimum self. I have sabotaged yet again, hiding behind my weight. Now is the time to reveal my true self to the world and live the life I desire and create. Not contingent on anyone or anything.

So, how am I making room? I am sorting through everything first that I know is not an expression of me, not now and not at my optimum self. So... out it goes!  Next, if I have something in a smaller size, I assess how much I wore it then? Was it something I loved wearing? Then I keep it. If it fit funny, was a little tight... I get rid of it.

An image found on Pinterest- the promise and the source of the creative life force

Also found on Pinterest- the illumination of brilliance color and variance soaring above the world in great luminance
I wish I could post the visions that I have of my new self, my new wardrobe and my new life... it would make it less scary and more exciting to take those risks. I am surprised how challenged I am. I feel like I am in junior high again.. always terrified of what other people think, being appropriate. I like being self expressed. It is refreshing and rejuvenating. So, it is time to just be me again. Stripping away the layers of obscurity to reveal the brilliance and inspiration that I know myself to be.

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