Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Progress report

Happy Tuesday to everyone. Labor day weekend came and went.. much like the summer.
Living room and front door

We have made some progress, not nearly as quickly as I and my HM would like. The basement painting is FINALLY completed. A lot of work for 10 months stay. BUT, if I am to be spending my creative time down there.. it needed to be done. It was definitely an upgrade from the basement before, it still had its issues. At least the surfaces (except the treads of the steps for now) are all done.

Since painting and being down there, the spiders and house centipedes have not been out and about.

Many of the bookcases have been placed. HM has unexpectedly gotten the day off due to scheduling goofiness, so that is a good thing. Unpacking and sorting can continue with a friend. I really dread doing all of it myself, I feel guilty that it is mostly my stuff.

I have gotten rid of 2 trash bags of clothes, my headboard (yes, the pink silk one that was featured in a Home and Garden show room) some lamps, tables and dishes. Also a great deal of bathroom products that were never going to see the light of day again.. It is funny when you pack in a hurry, you pack EVERYTHING! I need to just get rid of the things that I know I will never use or bring me joy any more...

I managed to get all of my clothes in the closet. I can purge a bit more and the chest of drawers is still empty with large, heaping, overflowing laundry baskets to be purged and put away.
Hallway-After (bedroom before purging)

Hallway- Before

Baseement before

Basement After-furniture not placed yet

I am ok with spending creative time in the basement. Basement's symbolize the subconscious, perhaps I will tap into my deepest creative ideas and bring them forth into the world. I can already see a pattern emerging of the creativity expressed happening here. I have several classes on my calendar that I am planning to take and new creative friendships are emerging. I hope to fully develop and expand my creative presence in the world, positioning myself in the next 10 months. 

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