Thursday, September 13, 2012

Great Idea for draperies for the Front Bedroom Window

Yesterday, as I was moving things around, I found the fabric I had been looking for. It is a mid-weight brown solid. It will match the wall brown in the front bedroom nicely.

The same hardware treatment needs to be used as it is inexpensive, blends in with the woodwork and requires NO holes in the walls or the wood work.

I will need to order the custom pieces this afternoon and maybe they will be ready for pick up tomorrow afternoon.

This morning I had a great insight of how to use grommets and leather shoe string for making the pleats. The idea is still formulating in my head, but I found my grommet setter yesterday in the mess of boxes.

The boxes are getting unpacked, not necessarily organized. I need to assess inventory of supplies and materials and plan accordingly. I will use my books as a roadmap. What books are on my bookshelves, what tools do I own that are for each of those tasks and set up drawers for each thing. My drawers are all on wheels, so I can move them to wherever I am working on a project. Except I don't have an elevator, so it will have to be contained to downstairs! -UNLESS- I put them in a drawer that is removable! Some things will just go in my rolly-carts from Ikea, for stuff to work on the work table down there. Portable things can go in the smaller drawers and bins that are available.

Good, well, on with the day.. no photos now, there were plenty yesterday... maybe later today as I make progress...

Oh, By the Way- 5 page views away from reaching 3000!!!!!
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