Saturday, September 15, 2012

Catching up from friday's post

Happy Saturday! The sun is shining and wow, do the squirrels play around here! There is a large tree outside of our front window and I think a family of squirrels live there. The little one was sitting there, fascinated with me as I sat on the sofa. I didn't notice him at first, then his mom or dad.. came by and then they ran back and forth along the branch...
As if I don't have enough to do in a day... I could watch them for hours.. they are busy around here. They climb down the side of the house like little Dracu-squirrels!

Yesterday was a client filled day. So, no unpacking/set-up got done. But oooh, the inspiration!
The morning client-- a detail of the valance for the dining room. This is the swag, the pleats and returns are separate. This will be a stunning design and filled with interesting details, yet not over done... by my standards anyway. Some may look at it... minimalists for example, yet great care was taken in making sure that each of the elements chosen balance and work well together.

Detail of the draperies that the valance goes over, there is box pleating on the lead edge, that  is turned under in this photo.

A portion of the muslin we draped to achieve our pattern. These are TRULY CUSTOM window treatments!  
I will be back with a report on monday, as to what actually got accomplished over the weekend. Let the weekend begin! (well, continue at least... )

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