Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Documentation of the Basement Project

The final thing I did to get the basement prepared to my standards for working in that space... is paint the steps. It is amazing what a bit of paint can do... Crisp edges, clean risers and treads. I like to paint the treads a different color than the risers, from the lower vantage point, it is a more interesting a ladder. Usually I paint the risers a lighter color, however, I can imagine in some scenarios, a darker riser would be more aesthetic. For my purposes here, bring as much light into the space as possible.

The finished steps, dark purple-gray with the same floor paint on the risers

Before painting the treads. The risers were the same color as the treads. The paint was old and looked very dirty and worn. 

Painting the final wall and the floor. The lighter color on the floor, helps to reflect up any light coming in from the windows and the down bare bulb lighting. (also creatures will be seen very quickly from the corner of the eye to ward off any surprise visitors checking out what I am working on) The deeper wall, is actually a bit brighter than in the picture and is a fairly mid to light gray, with a hint of violet.  This will assist with a neutral background for color matching and the work that I do with color. 
The sewing area from the back... this is where most of the activity will take place, also the most even part of the floor. 
The fabric totes. I counted 30... ok so it is a lot!
As the basement is starting to fill up, immediately after finishing painting the floors.
The back corner of the basement opposite the steps. This is where the floor is the most uneven. 

This back corner is where I think we are going to set up computer stuff, printer etc. as well as, hopefully get a sofa down those narrow stairs. It will be a nice area to sit comfortably while reading a bit of research material, taking a break from the work stations, or a place for visiting creatives to hang out..  now, I have some sorting to do... maybe post progress through the day... or not... we will see how it goes...

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