Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Slow Pace of Homemaking

The Little Cottage by the River, as I am now affectionately calling home, until July1 of next year at least, is becoming HOME.

A whole new routine of life is slowly emerging as boxes get unpacked and repacked, daily routines fall into place. Things that I am more concerned with now that I have a housemate that didn't even come to mind before are starting to take shape in my daily structure and routine. Expectations and boundaries are also coming into play.

The books are unpacked, my room is slowly taking shape. I am seriously considering bringing my antique walnut twin bed here for in my room. Why not? I got rid of the mattress and box spring I had at the other house. I think it smelled of that terrible rancid moldy smell. I got rid of the headboard as well.

Apparently many people that assisted with the moving were of the camp of 'hate it.' I designed it and had it made for a Spring Home and Garden show that I did many years ago. It was a french bedroom of lime and fuchsia. I loved it. The accents were white and black. People either loved it or 'hated it'. Funny thing about Home and Garden shows, people had NO PROBLEM sharing their like or DISLIKE of something directly to you. It was a great experience in not taking one's work too seriously.

So, it seems that chapter of my life has ended. I am to the core of who I am again and purging the rest of the debris. Creativity is everywhere and I am inspired and not so overwhelmed by it all.

While I do have a great deal of fabric, when it is all in one room, it isn't as overwhelming as I had anticipated. OK! I will go and take some before photos of the basement. I haven't really dug into the boxes and setting up the work stations, that is the task for this afternoon... ok... I will go take pictures... be back in a flash.. well... my iPhone flash maybe... 

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