Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Made it!

I arrived here on Bainbridge Island last evening, finally checking into my hotel at around 7:30. Waiting for Ferries, planes and luggage.. is exhausting.

Last evening I went to bed at 9:00-WA time. I slept good, and this morning am ready to go. I realized, I left all of my makeup (mascara and light dusting powder) at my moms. So... I look like I just got up and will most likely look that way all day.  Oh well, first impressions are pointless once people get to know you anyway.. something else emerges, when you are being your true self. I have nothing to hide here. I am what I am and I am evolving and transforming. Just because I look like this today, doesn't mean I will look like this tomorrow, Sunday or next year.. Life is a process. Be where you are at, that is what gives movement to where you are going.

So far, I have fallen in love with this place. It is beautiful. The trees, the water, the serenity.
Well, it is off to breakfast and to meet people.. Have a great day!

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  1. Love the pictures! Looking forward to seeing more and hearing all about the class!


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