Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crazy Dayz!

These last few days have been intense. Yesterday I turned over the keys to the lower level duplex I had been renting for 11 years. I had no emotion or attachment. It was strange. The days have been so packed.. no pun intended. I have been packing and moving. Rented a storage unit. My life is packed away. Everything that I have been planning to work on and blog about is in a 10 x 20 x 12 storage unit.
No time to purge.. just pack it away, purge on the moving in end.. 

I have been busy sewing since 2:00 yesterday, taking a bit of time to sleep, you know everything has to be done at least twice when you are tired! So I opted to get some sleep. This morning e-mailed the client to see if I could deliver the pillows upon my return and have not heard a reply. However, just the possibility relieved some pressure and I will most likely have them ready for delivery tomorrow. My great friend that has been helping me through all of this will drop me off at the airport tomorrow and drop off pillows afterwards.

I have been very blessed in all of this. Many friends have supported me in different ways throughout this move. My sister and brother-in-law and my brother have been very helpful.. I have much gratitude for the help they have provided, moving is no fun, especially someone else's stuff!  I have had friends provide me with a place to sleep on several nights and my parents are eager to have me stay with them when I return from my trip.. I may be homeless at the moment..but I am not alone and I have a great deal of support.

I look forward to what the next thing is.. A new adventure has begun.. it is still about creating.. I am creating my new life.. and finishing up the obligations of the old one...

Well, back to sewing, I have to go in search of blue invisible zippers.

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  1. Good luck Shelly. I know the pain of moving and putting all your stuff in storage. Much of mine still is and i had lived in my house for 10 years.


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