Friday, July 13, 2012

Color Training Day One

The day was inspiring. Leatrice is delightful. I see a great deal of myself in her and she reflects to me the potential that I have. I see in her what I have yet to fully develop in myself. She is the reason I took this class. She said at the beginning, there is no magic to color, it comes from you. The entire group of women and one man, have a natural aptitude for color, a deep understanding of it. I gather most of us are here to determine what to do with it next. It is almost like a psychic development class and learning to live with your intuition.. which for many of us there, that is exactly what color is, intuitive.

We reviewed our homework yesterday, mine are still in the classroom. I will bring them back this evening and post photos of what I completed, now that the assignment has been covered.

The Psychology of color was the afternoon session. What I find interesting is the myths about color, that even I have been exposed to and taken on from courses that I have taken. There is a great deal of disservice regarding color and where NOT to use it going on... Again I have found that any time any one tells you NEVER do that, there is ALWAYS a way to make it work. If not, we would become stagnant in our progress of human beings, as it stifles our creativity. Creativity is 'making it work'.

Dinner last evening was at the waterfront at a place called Doc's on the Marina.

The other 'unprepared' is that I have no business cards at the moment. It happens to anyone at any given time. Just seems to me it happens a lot.. Jump in with both feet! That is what the theme of the morning session was! I think I took my leap of faith a few weeks ago... I haven't drowned yet. There is support everywhere! Even people I am just meeting are holding the space. Many of us are in transition, so we can hold the space for each other.

I am off to another fun filled day of color adventure!

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