Monday, July 2, 2012

Home and Where you have been!

Eek! Tis' frustrating times for me right now. I have been packing and packing... and packing. I haven't slept in my own bed since the 20th of June. And I haven't slept here in the place that used to be home since friday night. I think I will not be sleeping here ever again. I didn't even do a ritual to celebrate the 11 years I have been here. I am just looking so forward to the next place. It is going to be bigger and better. There are some lovely places out there. Just have to find the right one.. I have a feeling the right one will appear after Bainbridge Island. I can't really say 'when I get home'. I am about as close to homeless right now as I have ever been. This is the true moment of faith and trust. I don't  see how it could ever work out.. but it always does. So.. I welcome the new with abundance and open arms...

Dreamy Hydrangeas
So the weekend was spent at Mom and dad's I have another load of boxes to bring out to dad's shed... I am so grateful for the assistance they are willing to give me. I don't want to ask for too much.. I feel like I am always asking...

The weather was hot at the lake, but the breeze was nice. My brother just got a new Bass boat, so we went out in that on saturday night. It was so peaceful and relaxing, until the mosquitoes came and almost lifted each of us out of the boat!
The little solar powered lighthouse on the shoreline, in the winter, a mink lives under the platform.
The Snowball bush, the name sake of our dog.

I took some photos of mom and dad's gardens. My dad does a wonderful job on his yard.. the grass is like carpet. Sometimes he gets a little too detail oriented about things, but this weekend.. it was lovely. Saturday afternoon, mom brought out a box of photos. Photos from when dad was a kid, when I was a kid, vacations, Christmas', we had some good laughs. We have lots of photos of our dog, Snowball. She was well loved, as the pictures showed, by everyone! She lived a long time, till she was 19!

So as this phase of my life comes to a close, it is with fond memories that I look back on my childhood, family and friends.. and with anticipation.. working real hard at not allowing fear in.. (some moments, it sneaks up on me) The next phase is going to be better than I can imagine.. 'cuz, I got a big 'ol blank right now!
Hosta and Hydrangea

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