Friday, June 29, 2012

Morning Musings about Mold

It is six o'clock in the morning. I am awake early again. I think it is a combination of drinking green juice everyday and sleeping in the Living room on the sofa. Pretty sure it is mold in the bedroom. I was instructed by the property owner to keep the door closed and stay out via e-mail at 10:50 pm on wednesday night.

I have, only last night, I went into the room to look for something and oh, the stench! I coughed for a bit and felt very nauseas and my elbows started aching again. My clothes are still in the closet, the dresser drawers, my shoes, purses and jewelry are still in there. I don't know how contaminated they are getting. I have a nice upholstered headboard that I designed, it is raspberry silk and white ceramic tile. I don't know if I have a photo of it..

The bed when I first moved in. I eventually painted the walls Benjamin Moore Fresh Cut Grass.  A beautiful spring green with a hint of yellow. The contrast against the raspberry silk of the headboard is very refreshing.

Calla Lily pleat, velvet drapery panel
The other thing that is left in the room is a purple velvet drapery panel. It was a practice panel of playing with different pleat styles. They look somewhat like calla lilies, very pretty and very unique, all done by hand. I use it when I give workshops on window treatment design.  I would go and photograph that, but it is in that room and I am staying out of there today. After another 12 hours I can only imagine the smell. Oh, I do have a photo...

My concern is will these textile items be able to be cleaned and free of the mold spores? Or will they have to be discarded? I have left the sheets and mattress pad on the bed, in hopes that the mold spores are only on the surface and will not infect the mattress itself. If that has to be replaced, then so be it. But the headboard and the drapery panel. They are my creations! I have enjoyed them in my surroundings, they are an expression of me, something I did for myself.  The headboard was originally done for the LAST Minneapolis Spring Home and Garden Show that I did, back in 2000.

How do you let go of what you have created? I do it all of the time when I create for clients. It is different. I create for them, I know it isn't meant for me. Using my skill and experience I create something that fits what their needs are, their personal style.  This is different, this is something I created to enjoy myself, a pure expression of myself. I rarely take the time to create for me anymore. That is one thing that I want to do more of. This blog is to assist me in sharing what I am doing for myself, take some of the guilt out of it. Inspire someone else, share learning experiences, how to steps or just plain inspiration. So far it has shown me where I am creative. It is getting expressed, in my writing, my food experiments, my textile design.. It is slowly but surely getting me back on board with what I love to do! CREATE!!! ANYTHING!!!

The Dark Shadows in the corner
Back to the morning musing... anybody know anything about mold? It isn't the black slimy type. It is only showing up on the drywall screw heads as dark circles and into the corner there is a dark shadow line coming down from the ceiling and then along the edge of the crown. This is only on the exterior walls of the house. Where it is exposed to rain and sun, LOTS of Sun! When the 90 degree weather hit a few weekends ago and it was rainy and stormy, that is when the discoloration began to bloom and my symptoms intensified.

But the air quality! Oh, it is awful. It makes me gag a little just to think of it. It is very stale. You know when you have had a lot of dairy and it coats your tongue in the morning, before you brush your teeth? Almost a sour milk smell, but not quite that.. it is very Blaugggghhh! Imagine a big gag when your tongue can't get stretched out of your mouth any longer and it is pulling on the back of your throat and it makes you gag even harder... that is the feeling I get thinking about it!

If anyone has any insights or suggestions, please comment. I am at a loss. I am totally stressed out. I have a sewing project of 9 large pillows to complete before I leave on the 11th for Bainbridge Island, a book to read by Leatrice Eiseman for the color class, packing for the trip and for moving and I don't know how I am going to get it all done and done well! It will work out.. I must go and be productive. Meeting with a client today to give her paint colors for her Lower level and daughter's room.

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