Monday, July 16, 2012

The eve of Return

The weekend training is complete, the day was spent exploring and making lists. I must admit, when I woke up this morning, I had a knot in my stomach just thinking of going home.. or back to Minneapolis. Home is yet to be determined.

In review of the weekend, this was one of the best things I have done for myself. It confirmed a great deal of the training I have done on my own, in my career and in my formal education.

The first day was spent covering how Leatrice Eiseman became a pioneer and is still a leading voice in the industry of color consulting, as well as the group of 19 of us sharing our color history, aspirations and color passions. We then went on to the Psychology of Color, influences and into Saturday, the psychology of each hue. In the afternoon on Saturday, we did group projects. It was a very good insight. Our groups nailed the color theory, met all of the requirements of the assignments. It was very satisfying, however, group collaboration at that level was a challenge, for me at least. I was aware of it, and just stayed with it. I realized everyone else in my group somewhat struggled with it as well. We did work great together.  Sunday concluded with the business practice of color consulting. Oh, and Saturday evening was a fabulous gathering at Leatrice and Herb Eiseman's home on Bainbridge Island. It was a lovely evening and they are very generous hosts.

As I promised, I will share the assignment. The assignment was to create using any medium of our choice, using color create a piece that expresses for the first assignment 'tranquility' and for the second 'agitation'.

This is my personal, current interpretation of the words. Tranquility for me is etheric lavenders of the sky at dusk and soft blue greens of water, with a bit of spring green at the top to ground the image and keep it from becoming stagnant.

Agitation was trickier for me. I tend not to get too agitated, I focus on calm and serenity, going with the flow, but I was coming up with a blank image for this one. So, I asked myself, what does agitation look like to me? Then I started to experience. I won't go into the details of the recent agitations of the past few months, you all are up to speed on what has been going on. The agitation for me, is seeing some clarity and definition and not being able to access it. To have it obstructed from view, confusion and lack of clarity. It is a primal feeling, more basic, hence the primary colors and the red, desaturated hues are agitating to me in this setting. However, that being said... I rather like how this turned out and may do some further work with it. The project was uploaded to Spoonflower and printed on kona cotton as a fat quarter. The assignment was successful.

Lavender Milkshake at Mora Iced Creamery
I have some great new inspiration, and have been on the right track. So, now it is time to bring it out into the world.. I have great aspirations and will be covering some tidbits of what I have learned and how it relates to Interior Design, Style, Quilting, Cooking (or uncooking) and anything else that color applies to. I encourage any questions or comments regarding color. It is a topic that I can talk about all day long, color and lighting, color and relaxation, color and psychology, color and art, picture framing, any area of where color is applied, I will talk about it.. Share your questions... I look forward to the conversations. Oh, and be on the look out.. the blog may change yet again in appearance as I assess and apply what I have learned. Thanks for stopping by....ooh, for dinner, I had a fabulous Lavender milkshake at a highly recommended Ice Cream shop here on Bainbridge Island.. it was De-Lish- US! Mora Iced Creamery

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