Thursday, July 19, 2012

A new beginning

I have been back for a whole day. What a challenge getting started. Often times I find myself wondering how it will all work out? The first challenge to be met is to find a new place to live. I feel so displaced. I am staying with my friend and will be staying with my parents over the weekend. Out in Annandale, on the lake. It is relaxing there and much cooler. I have decided for now to set my office up in the 'little cabin'. It is a small cottage on the property, which was the original cabin. My dad renovated it about 20 years ago, when they built their house. I has served as a guest house, most used when my sister and her family come to stay for a weekend. I don't have any photos on my computer as of now to share.. It is a charming little space, very masculine though.. dark green carpet, cedar tongue and groove on the walls and ceiling.  A bit darker than I would prefer.. but then, it is a temporary stay.

I will most likely get back into the groove by monday and resume business. I plan to get set up over the weekend. Maybe even finish the apron! Remember the lovely apron? I haven't forgotten it. And boy am I excited to design even more fabric! Especially using my new found color knowledge. I wrote to a friend yesterday. "I didn't gain knowledge, I gained access to my own knowledge!"

Hostas in the garden at the lake.  Love the lavender, so soft and etheric. 
Well, enjoy your thursday. Today, I am house hunting.... send good thoughts my way as I find the perfect space! 

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