Friday, July 20, 2012

A Valuable Sewing Lesson

I am sharing this brief post as one of my immense failures and a great victory in self discovery. This is in regards to the 9 pillows that I made for a client before leaving for Bainbridge Island color training and AFTER moving out of my house... that should have been a sign right there!

They were awful, hideous and one of the most unrewarding experiences I have ever had! The pillows- not the client.

There are some valuable things that I was reminded of. First, use the best quality materials you can get your hands on. All invisible zippers are NOT created equal! The brand that I like came from Treadle Yard Goods. This zipper did not separate under stress. The other zipper, which was conveniently purchased from a big box store, every one of them split, either for me or the client.

The second thing I learned is to allow yourself enough time to do the quality of work that is representative of your integrity. Looking back, I would rather have failed the promise by not delivering on time than delivering a sub -quality product on time. This is a very important lesson for me. I have 30 years of sewing experience and this most likely former client, most likely believes that I just started yesterday! (Yes, they were that bad!) I am not going to let this be the new standard of how I perceive my work. As difficult as that is in the aftermath of the emotional and mental stress of life in the past few months. I know I am an exceptional seamstress and designer.

The most important thing I discovered is that I will only sew my own creations for myself and possibly for others. There is a long list of criteria in choosing to sew for others. Most of it has to do with how inspired by my creative idea I really am. If I am inspired, I will do it not for the money, but the satisfaction of creating something unique and beautiful for someone. Much of what I do sew for others is a gift, an appreciation for who they are to me. I do not do commissioned work. I have very high standards myself and I know from my early career and it is still true, my visionary skills are the strongest! Much stronger than my personal execution skills.

There are no photos of this disaster, and I am just going to need to let go of the fact that they have submitted these monsters to 3 other seamstresses for estimates in getting them to a quality they can deliver to their client. It is behind me and a very valuable lesson.

Have any of you ever had a disaster story? Something where, it was so simple and turned out sooooo wrong?  I would love to hear from you. Knowing I am not alone, makes the ickiness feeling go away faster.

Thanks for sharing. Oh, and if you prefer that I NOT publish your comment or experience, please indicate in the comments and I will respect your wishes. All comments go into my in box for review and I publish them. They are NOT automatically published. Thanks for your support!

In the next post, I will share my super happy cool news! (A new place to live!) Details to follow!
A place to call home. 

A place for my car to call home! She has never had shelter before... I hope she likes it!

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