Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Colors of Bainbridge and Seattle

I slept in this morning. Yesterday was a day of waiting. Waiting to check out, waiting for a cab, waiting for the ferry, waiting for the ticketing counter to open.. That was a long one! I wanted so desperately to check my luggage. I couldn't go through security without checking my bags, so I waited, 3 hours outside the gate, then another 3 hours inside the gate. But that was not the highlight of my trip.

The colors were fabulous! On the plane, was a magazine that featured the 2012 color of the Year! And I was on my way to learn about color from the woman who determined this! How exciting!

Using knowledge of trends, access to cutting edge design, psychology and lots of research, she does color forecasting and is involved in product development for many industries. Many of you who have had me specify color for your homes, businesses and personal projects, benefit from the same process.

I am inspired to take my skills and talent to a new and expanded level. I will be working on customizing presentations and tweaking the ones that are all in place for many industries, Quilting, Custom Picture Framing, Image Consulting, Interior Design and any other area that people apply color. That is my inspiration on the first day back. That is what is going to get me through the next few months of finding a place to live and unpacking. There is a great deal of stuff packed away and right now, this is the only thing I have access to. (the apron is still out and can be finished... maybe by next week. There are a few things I can keep busy and share.

We are definitely embarking on a new journey. Every day has a new experience just waiting to be discovered.

A "Few" of my favorite photos.... enjoy...
Some of the flowers on Bainbridge Island

Vibrant Periwinkles.... 

and pink Hollyhocks... mmmm....

Pike's Market in Seattle

The carpet sample rack of custom looped carpets. Yummy!

A bench with carpet upholstered over it in bright hues.

The sun setting behind us, in the airplane. Look at the beautiful band of bright yellow just above the clouds!

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