Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thunderstorms and Thursdays.....

Well, that was a totally different day than I had planned. After Midol for breakfast and relaxing all morning listening to the rain and thunder, I was ready to work on the apron, actually really excited about it. I thought to check e-mails first and then head off to the sewing corner when, 'none of my networks' could be found. I looked at the the outlet strip and saw NO red glowing light. I went into the bedroom and the clock was not flashing, it was just dark! No electricity. I was thinking now what to do, when a friend called in a total panic. She is packing to move, hasn't found a place to live yet and not really sure what to do next. She asked if I could come and help her. So I did. I just got home. I am wiped out, time for more Midol and maybe a movie. Then a day of design work on Friday.. Patience, no one will get to the apron before me.. it is ready whenever I am.. there is no deadline.. but I will get it done. And the ric-rac idea, so fun, it is a great solution. It might be a bit tricky, however, I think the results will be worth it, no I KNOW the results will be worth it. So.. tune in again, maybe I will post again tomorrow, maybe not until Monday... we will see how the weekend goes. Happy Friday Tomorrow! I did not post this at 7 something pm and I did not post this morning at 6:46. I am not sure how to set the time on this correctly.. hmmm. more research.

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