Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ric-Rac Teaser

Today's post will be short as I will be heading off to the sewing corner to work on the apron. I have finally determined what to do with the ric-rac. I hope to have some photos to share later in the day.... it certainly was a dilemma. I went back to Glad's several times to assess the Hot pink situation, as if it would magically appear after three trips! ... I was sure there used to be some when I worked there.  And wow! The batiks are bursting again! There are some very new lovelies!

I did pick up the lining color for those fancy little bows, too! You will just have to wait and see with the progress report. I will post photos tonight of whatever I get done. It looks like a potential rainy day, great for sewing... ooh, there is a little rumble of thunder in the distance.. mmm, nice.

Have a happy one!

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