Monday, June 18, 2012

Not what I expected

I had a great idea for the ric-rac-ric-rac-ric-rac! My plan was to use BOTH! I was going to put the green on first and then add the yellow so the points were alternating. Ric-rac doesn't work that way! Especially around a curve! It stretches ever so slightly as it eases around the curves and then they don't ease quite the same. So the problem is that some yellow points end up behind the green ones, while others land right in the middle and still others (annoyingly) land nowhere near a pleasing spot! Yes, I know there are a great deal of exclamation points here, but, this has been frustrating..

The apron will be just the green. I do like the yellow with the fabric and may find myself making something else with it, or maybe not. The bib of the apron has the ric-rac applied and is ready to be gathered. The skirt piece is the next section. The slashed curve says to start at an 1/8" from the raw edge and gradually taper to 1/16"! (Exclamation again! 1/16"???? Really?? That is impressive if I can pull that one off.

I will post photos tomorrow (evening) of the bib and if I get to that slashed business, I will add a photo of that detail... if it works or NOT... I will share the glory or the agony... this is after all about practice and challenging oneself, regardless of the outcome. Either way, it will be a very happy apron when it is finished and so far I believe I will be pleased with it.

Good night and happy dreams!

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