Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pictures... worth a thousand words... I will have posted 1000 words before I can figure out this picture stuff!

Today I worked on the apron. There was a great deal of progress made. I finished the bib and the skirt. Had a few mishaps along the way and ALL were documented with a photo.

I have determined I like lots of pictures. I like blogs that have lots of pic's. Photos, images and pictures have always been very inspiring to me. They can invoke emotion, they can express a mood, capture a moment. And in this moment, my photos are unavailable to me. I can access the 2000 plus photos on my computer, however, since the iPhoto upgrade, have not been able to get the thumbnails in blogger to select the ones I want for each post. And I have a good dozen to share!

So while my time capsule is backing up my 37.05 GB of data, which apparently was never initiated (or backed up) I am posting yet another wordy post to share.

It is important for me to continue to share with the people out there who check this. I know someone is reading it  (I check the stats, it is a great surprise that after the US most of the access comes from Germany and Russia!) I don't know if you are the same person or if there are a handful of you or all different people- A BIG THANK YOU FOR CHECKING IN!  I find comfort in your support knowing that you are checking back with me to see the progress I am making in this new frontier of communication and sharing. I have been more focused on getting to those things that "I" want to do. Not because I have to, rather, because I am inspired to do them and share the results.

I may still post again this evening, with photos... or tomorrow. I am wanting to finish the apron this week and start on the assignments for the color class coming up in less than a month. I will share my ideas for chosen medium and the progress of completing.

Thanks for reading and being witness to the evolution of expression and discovery of new creative passions. 

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