Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Paris Bohemian Style

That is what my friend calls it, my unique style of decorating. This is not my style of designing, my clients dictate that. Rather my blend of working with what I have and making it my home, a reflection of things I love. Things that remind me of someone, somewhere, something, as well as just beautiful objects themselves. Beauty inspires me.

My living room.. I love my silver walls!
My christmas tree, sparkling on the silver walls, my christmas tree will be great in a new space, at Christmas time of course!
I have lived at my current location for 11 years. It has been home. These walls have supported me through a divorce, a bankruptcy, creative brilliance, gathering with friends, and finding my SELF again. Digging out my inner passions from the packed away corners of subconscious storage.

The apron is on hold. Yesterday, I just received notice from my landlord that I have to vacate my home within 61 days. (60, as of today) I have been knowing for a while that I was moving, the space has just become to small to manage my creativity and access all of my materials and tools, let alone a work space.

So, I am purging again..  I find myself at that place again. Letting go, time to purge. There are things to assess, things that I have carried with me for 25 or more years. Some things tools, I was on the verge of using again.. some things, can most likely be thrown away... So, the process of letting go and not getting 'irritated' and the process of allowing the joy and excitement of a new adventure to unfold, surprises and the creation of a whole new life. It is the end of an era.
I love the colors in my kitchen, I love the backsplash... white italian glass with a black checkerboard and metallic accents.. I am so ready for a more functional kitchen, workspace.. a nice countertop run.. and a butlers pantry! I want a butlers pantry.. I have a bunch of beautiful dishes, that I have just recently taken out of STORAGE.  I will not purge my dishes, or my linens.. well, maybe the ugly dishes.. oh, I don't have any. (hehehehee)

I wonder how my Paris Bohemian style will emerge...what is the next space and what do I have to do to get there. The annoying part of it all, is that the timing for me is not the best, I haven't much saved for a move. The color training in WA has been my financial goal, the one I had been saving for. I was planning to use my vacation time as a time to assess the direction I want to take my career and create a structure to support that. The next thing was to save for the move and when I had everything prepared, give notice.

I see now, I find myself in the midst of a lesson in trust. Trust that the 'universe' truly does provide exactly what I need at precisely the time that I need it. Faith in that trust, is what gives me the grace to be myself and follow my natural instincts. So in this time that would be stressful to most, I am going to have fun and play. Play with the possibility of being my highest potential and attracting to myself that which I am not even conscious is my desire!

This will be a continuing thread, as I reflect on how I got to this place in my life and where I want to go with my life in the next phase. Most importantly, doing what I have to be doing to make it happen! Allow myself the quiet time, of self reflection and meditation for the new creative inspiration to emerge. I feel the next thing. Up until now I haven't had the slightest clue what it looks like. Yesterday was a roller coaster, let's see what type of a ride today is.. I hope I don't THROW UP!


  1. I love it, all of your posts are very interesting.
    You are a very good writer too!

  2. Thanks, I just write what I am present to. After years of journaling and all that paper, this seems like a good way to journal, and it forces me to get to the entertaining part of the circumstance. It allows me to process my daily frustrations and transform them into something that may assist someone else in transforming how they react to life.. and creativity. I believe creativity is the source of a happy existence. If creativity is missing, there is most likely not a great deal of inspiration and movement in one's life.


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