Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A photo to go along with yesterday's post. I spent the day today organizing photos on my computer.. there are over 2000 now.. and they are easy to retrieve. (they were not as easy to find last night) Now to just stay in the habit of properly filing them into the appropriate folders every time I download them from my phone.

I am quite inspired by the new look of the blog, except, the colors aren't my signature colors. There is a color combination that is almost my brand (it actually is, many people see the combination and think of me...almost like magic! I like magic... but I only use it for good and never against someone else's will)...Oh, back to MY personal colors... Hot Pink, Bright Spring Green and Black...that is my ultimate blog background... Just to find/figure out the best way to make it MINE! I am an original, so I like to create original things and experiences...

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