Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poodles and Pillowcases

Over the weekend I went to the cabin and shared with my mom all of the photos of heirloom embroidery I took this week. The intention was to have my mom tell me who made what and when. It seemed appropriate for a Memorial Day weekend.
Mom just mentioned to me today... "I didn't realize you have so many pillowcases." It is ok with me. I like stuff like that. My mom has been embroidering since she was young. My grandmother taught her. My grandmother, tatted and crocheted as well, although mom never learned these things. When mom was 6 she bit the end off of grandma's tatting needle, so Grandma quit tatting after that. Grandma would have been 50 then. I think she still crocheted, as my stash includes doilies from the 60's that Grandma made for her black and silver mohair sofa.  They were rectangular arm covers.

Here are some dishtowels my mother made for me..the first set... we seem to be missing Sunday...it is most likely in someone else's storage box... (MOM's) I am not sure we have gotten through all of them...
Poodles Mom embroidered just before I was born- how did she know I would like to sew on Wednesdays?

My niece saw these dishtowels after my mom brought them home from AZ. She was eyeing them and finally said, "Grandma, I REALLY like these." I snatched them up and said, "These are mine, you will have to place your own order with Grandma." Not to worry, my niece is now 10 and has 34 pairs of pillow cases made by my mom and who knows how many dishtowels of her own.  My mom has already taught her to embroider several years ago.. well, and I taught her to sew already too. She is in good company.

Poodles Mom just did for me a couple of years ago... what am I doing Wednesdays these days?
 These pillow cases, my grandmother gave my mom and said she should have since she was the one who broke the tatting needle... I am grateful for that... My mom says I get my color sense from my grandmother... Thank you Grandma! I am having fun with it! I think my signature colors of hot pink, lime green and black are inspired by my grandmothers love of color... I never saw her use those colors, however, after I adopted them, my mother told me here bedroom was done that way when she was little... the colorist was my grandma....
Pillowcases made by my grandmother, in 1918, when she was 18 years old
The pillowcases above and below were a surprise from the weekend. I didn't know my grandmother made these.  The lower photo were done around 1926-27 as she was married in May of 1927.  These have a crocheted edge and are worked with a white buttonhole stitch with pink and yellow. Good thing I have grown to like pink... it is prominent in my grandmothers work.. The living room that featured the black and silver mohair sofa, included geranium pink pillows and chairs, the walls were mint green. That was in the late 50's -60's.
Another set of pillowcases made by grandma in 1926 for her wedding
Thank you for allowing me to share the stories of my beautiful treasures.. Glad Creations has a good selection of vintage type embroidery patterns for dishtowels, and embroidery floss! DMC is mom's favorite!

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