Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I am back...

Hello, I am back and not making any promises I can't keep. I have been following some of my favorite blogs regularly and working on some projects that have been really demanding of time and energy... It is difficult getting into a new habit and finding out what I want to write about and coordinating all of my interests into one unique blog that makes sense. Maybe it needs to be more than one.. I don't know. Maybe I just start out with it being more of an online creative journal, getting back to my passion of sewing and working with fabrics.

I just recently finished some fabulous silk pillows for a client and am quite pleased with how they turned out. Invisible zippers and all, they went together ... well... smooth as silk.

 Here is a photo of their permanent home. A newly upholstered Eastlake Settee on a 5" plank Hickory floor. It is lovely!

It is now time to focus on the color workshop this July with Leatrice Eiseman. I am very excited about this. There is homework to do and books to read and a quiz to take all before the workshop. I am looking forward to the challenge of furthering my color knowledge and increasing the benefits that my color passion and experience  can offer a larger group of people. Most likely there will be new methods of sharing the fascinating world of color and increasing the color knowledge of others out there. There are plenty of beginning color workshops.. lectures and classes out there. Many are taught by people who have read books and have a basic conceptual knowledge of color. All of my training and education is based on my personal/professional experience. I play in color and I learn a lot from playing. If anyone is interested in learning color by playing with me, please feel free to contact me to create a fun and rewarding color learning experience. I am committed that my students leave feeling confident and knowing more about color and color relatedness than when they started and the only feeling of overwhelm they may experience is where to start applying the new knowledge of color in their lives.. personally, professionally and creatively. Send me an e-mail for more info..

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