Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hot Chocolate any one?

I am doing it! A project, It is simple and I am making it complex. It isn't in my nature to do something simple.

It all started a week ago. I went to visit my mom and we went on an adventure to St. Cloud. We went to one of her favorite places to shop for 'crafty' things as she call them.

We went into the fabric department which is most all quilting fabric, and just looked at the novelty prints. She started loading her cart with things for making her christmas presents and we both found an adorable panel collection called Hot Chocolate. It had stripes, the blocks were fun, and I love the deep rich chocolate brown, warm vanilla cream and vibrant berry red that dominate the color palette.

Ideas just started popping into my head and we had them in the cart. I figured out roughly what I thought would be the ideal amounts of fabric to play with and mom decided it was going to be too much. So we put it all back….. and then realized the christmas fabric was 50% off. So, back into the cart it all went.

It seems a small enough project, one that I could do at the dining room table without taking over the living space (as most of my projects do).

The concepts and inspiration is evolving and the details are coming through as I plan this project and keep working at it.

It isn't going to be a project that is all consuming and takes over my life. I have too many things of priority to work on right now. But, it is a small niche of personal creative time that I am allowing myself.

So far the panel has been cut apart and the stripes have been trimmed.

Stay tuned for the next phase of the design process as I discover what to do with each of the blocks and how it will all come together.

I will be drafting blocks, mitering corners and making layout choices. Sharing the journey and documenting the adventure is what you will find here.

Until next time… in the mean time, enjoy your hot chocolate as you follow along with the design process.

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