Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Tasty Palette of Kona Cotton Solids

Ruby-a pink enough, deeply saturated, for the  most saturated red

The winter chill has set in, the holidays are fast approaching and my attention was drawn to a festive color combination for winter, boughs of evergreen, strings of cranberry, and HOT CHOCOLATE to warm the spirit.

The palette is what originally caught my attention with this fabric and I quickly noted the images of hot chocolate stimulating my sense of smell and taste. As my eyes wandered across the panels, the scent of baking gingerbread, steaming hot chocolate and creamy vanilla, cinnamon and sprinkles filled my mind.

Imagining, being curled up with a warm cup of tastiness and gazing at the winter landscape. I am connecting with the gathering energy just beneath the surface of the cold, hard ground,  as I know the vibrant life force of spring energy will again emerge in a few months. But for now, I will just savor the flavor of my chocolate decadence. I can just be, allowing the images to come to me. Flooding my senses with imaginary experiences and inspiring the essence of the project. 

The color card of the espresso, too much flash, the colors are much deeper
I know I want the simplicity of a deeply saturated and simple solid fabric. The detail will come from the additional peicing of the quilt, perhaps some pinwheels of peppermint? Cream and chocolate swirls of sweetness. The more vibrant the saturation of the color, the more I can almost taste it with my eyes. As the colors melt together, I can sense the flavors blending and melding. As the warmth begins to release the essence of the flavors, the air is intoxicated with the aromatic elixir of chocolate with whipped cream.

A great tool for a colorist, the trick is finding someone who  has it in stock!
Kona Cotton Solids- that is the ingredient that is going to get me the depth of color that I want. The fabric is a good weight and the colors are deep and intense. My favorite brown is esspresso. It is like dark, rich, raw cacao. It is softer than black, but with the qualities of black, intensifiying that which it comes into contact. It reminds me of my favorite chocolate bar.  Vosges Smoke & Stout Caramel. Paired with a deep chocolate-y  with a hint of cherry Merlot, hmm, maybe that is another project. Back to the project at hand.  (A photo of the chocolate bar here with some fabric)

The red with a hint of blue coolness, with a deep flavorful brilliance,that should set nicely against the almost black of the esspresso. The red’s within the printed blocks vary from deep wine, burgundy shades, raspberry tints and vibrant red of the candycane mints. A red that incorportates all the  flavors that pair well with dark chocolate, that is what I am looking for. The deepest red without turning to the hue of burgundy... Kona Ruby- has a slight hint of the esspresso, creating color relatedness and the illusion of the melting together of the hues. 

The cream contenders…...
Do you add vanilla or cinnamon to your whipped cream? These subtle additions will alter the color. Yes, I want a creamy white that has a hint of cinnamon and vanilla bean sprinkles. Blending colors can be as exact of a science as properly blending the flavors of a recipe. Cream works with the esspresso and the Ruby.  A common thread of flavor that runs throughout the palette. Cream it is! 

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