Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The cracking open of the Cocoon!

Playing with my own photos and using them as creative inspiration, never having to worry about infringing on copyright issues (that is complex business!) This has been something I have wanted to do ever since my college photography class.

Technology has finally caught up with my desire and the ability to create quickly and eloquently is at hand. Painting and drawing have their place and I will continue to practice and polish my hand work skills, but learning something new that can net FAST results... that is wonderful!

I am starting out with a photo of some roses at Lake Harriet Rose Garden in Minneapolis. Yes, they really are that color! Isn't it great! I love this color!

The original photograph, taken with my iPhone
 After bringing the photo into Photoshop from iPhoto, I have simply posterized the image. This is in the Edit menu on Photoshop. It has become more stylized and the colors have been reduced. I didn't want it to look too simple, a complex screen print is what it is starting to look like.. hmm yes, I like that.....

The photoshopped version, posterizing the image. 
Next, the photo is shown with the color bars of each of the main colors in the palette. There are twenty colors shown in this image.... yes the idea is becoming more clear...  A few posts back, my fun with illustrator was featured, creating quilt blocks and a resulting pattern of two blocks used together.. stay tuned for how that gets integrated with this thread of thought... connecting vibrant threads to create something.. I can't see clearly where this is going, but it is definitely going somewhere... Welcome to the beginning of Vibrant Threads, the butterfly is cracking the cocoon!

The color palette extracted for identification

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