Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday night and checking in

It is sunday night and I am checking in with the world. This new schedule is kicking my ****!

There are days when I am clearly falling behind on the things that are important to ME and to my wellbeing. So far, learning new products and the benefits and features is compelling for me. And the Saturdays, I liked having saturdays to myself. To relax, share time with friends, family and just putter around. But, once I get to NBH, I find that it is the most inspiring to talk with people about what their visions are, what they want and offer from my experience things that have value to them.

It has sparked a whole new realm of possibility for my design practice. In the context of growing someone else's business again, I am ok with that, but this time, I want to give my self the quality and benefit of my experience and expertise as well. The things that are valuable from my experience for another, need to be integrated within my own structure more soundly and at a deeper involvement.

The integrity and foundation is strong in regards to my values, there is still a little chaos surrounding their stability. Not to worry, as it all gets distinguished, it gets integrated, woven into the fabric of my enterprise and the new dreams have something to grab on to.

This week I am researching furthering my credentials and adding product categories to Shelly's Design Studio website. Thanks for checking it out and for coming back to vibrant threads.

Window treatments are haunting my thoughts and there is a new idea that is really generating some excitement within me. I am meeting with a friend later this week to discuss some really solid inspiration and see where it takes us... sooner than later we are hoping.. Stay tuned! 

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