Friday, March 22, 2013

Green Draperies

Window treatments are a technical specialty of mine. It is the evolution of my love of sewing. The lovely times I spent in work rooms, not sewing, but specifying and writing instructions for people to bring a vision into reality. Sometimes it was my vision, or I helped to clarify the vision, and other times it was someone else's vision, completely. I came into play to supplement the technical knowledge of how to make that vision work, how to translate it to fabric.

The environment was empowering. My skills were encouraged to expand, there was trust from my clients and superiors and my professional skills thrived. Micromanagement was unheard of in my early career. Still in college and working with some of the most successful interior designers at the time, I learned a great deal and as a result my standards have been set, very high. There are details that the most discriminating customers would pick out. Some were not reasonable and I had the knowledge and background about textiles to tell them why. I could advise before the materials were ordered on what to expect, the challenges and the solutions to them. It was success most every time. With my years of experience in the workroom, I would guess that as a designer, my experience with window treatments and the tricky windows especially, exceeds many designers in my area.

My problem is, my work, has been sold by someone else. So, in an effort to recreates some semblance of a portfolio, I am toying with the idea of duplicating my sketches, publishing them and sharing my successes with others, claiming a bit of credit for my accomplishments.

It is the beginning of a new phase at Shelly's Design Studio, as well. We are going green and we are specializing in window dressings. There is a great deal of research that has to happen, finding resources and expanding the look. But that is a little about what we are up to. Of course the other products are still available, but as the website develops, I hope to showcase more and more of the beautiful products and eventually projects of my own that will appear on the site as well.

Shelly's Design Studio is growing and expanding, in a very healthy shade of green! If you are interested in 'green draperies' send me a message or contact me at and I would be happy to meet with you to further discuss your options!

More on this developing topic here or there! Thanks for checking it out!

PS My concussion seems to be getting better. I rested a great deal yesterday and have been getting lots of sleep, no naps today though!  The stiffness in my neck is gone. Hooray, still taking it slow.. 

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