Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Burned Out on Inspiration- Too much of a Good Thing

Back in the studio....

The task of taming the inspiration. I believe this is the culprit that incites overwhelm. There are magazine tears in boxes. Ten of them I think... pretty full of magazine photos and articles of things that I wanted to read, integrate and just plain find beauty in. I have had these in my possession for many years.. they are the reason I no longer purchase nor subscribe to magazines.

I found that I was backed up with unrequited and unfulfilled creativity that were tucked away in these Ikea boxes.

Two of Ten..... 
The articles, represent the knowledge I fear I am lacking. The photos represent the beauty that others are creating, that I could only hope to achieve.

Well, I have been looking at that through new eyes.

With the vast access to information as well as personal accomplishments over the years, the information is outdated, integrated or accessible online. So, out they go!

Some of the photos, I found were still truly inspiring... calling to the artist that I long to be, while other things, I have integrated into my design work and my creativity. Still other things were of the 'What was I thinking?' category... I promptly tossed them onto the floor as well.
Magazine pages of articles and once inspiring photos

Making it through six boxes, there are four to go. They are the fullest ones left, but I am in a purging mode. First gleaning through fabrics, then magazine pages.. we will see what I am inspired to do next.

There were a few articles that I now dispute, based on my experience and knowledge, myths that once believed, had become a barrier that had to be charge through.. I will share some of those design related tales at for another day.

Paula, at has been in a stash busting mode as well. She is much more graceful about it than I. It is such an emotional thing for me to let go of things... I have struggled with this all of my life.. I keep the weirdest things sometimes...

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