Monday, October 1, 2012

the beauty in the Universe.. on our doorstep and in our own back yard.

Today has been a quiet day of organizing and reflecting.

This weekend, my housemates son came to stay from Saturday to Sunday for his birthday weekend. He turns twenty-five today. (Happy Birthday S!) We had an action packed weekend. He took a bus to Big Lake where he picked up the train to Minneapolis, then light rail to our Hiawatha station in our neighborhood.

We went shopping on Saturday afternoon, visited outside for a while then went to Bar la Grassa for dinner. It is a very delicious italian restaurant that serves chef prepared italian dishes. They have the BEST whole chicken ever! It is completely boneless, very juicy and full of flavor.  We each had a fabulous pasta dish and all decided, S's Carbonara was the best... he savored every bite! Then we had fabulous desserts... If you are in Minneapolis, this restaurant is highly recommended and you will not be disappointed...

Sunday morning HM and I woke at our normal time, but it was awkward with a guest sleeping in the living room and then there was no where else for us to go. Living Room/guest room makes for tricky living on the weekend. So, we went to the grocery store. Luckily, he was up by the time we got back.

We then proceeded to have dessert for breakfast.. I had such a sugar headache by the end of the day it was WICKED!

We then went for a quick walk down to the river and along the path.. it was the first time I have been able to make it down there, as I have been working on design projects or getting things unpacked and organized...
Here are some photos of the walk.. the weather was warm, the colors brilliant and a comfortable breeze. It was definitely no jacket weather..

 After the river paths, we walked down to the Riverview theater and saw a matinee. It was Disney's Brave. I had wanted to see that movie and had completely forgotten about it. So, the three of us watched the movie, had 2 large popcorns (with REAL butter) and two large sodas for UNDER $20!

The movie, put many things into perspective for me about this summer. Something that I was NOT expecting at all. I was very moved by it because of events of the summer, staying with my mom and dad and all... it was perfect timing and very enlightening.

This morning I wrote a letter to my mom. It was 3 handwritten double sided. I wanted to share with her my insights. I knew I would not be able to capture the moment and tell her.. in person or over the phone.. I hope she experiences something close to what I did in watching the movie.. I love my mom!

She is the best mom I could have ever wanted! After all, of all the women to choose to be my mom.. I picked her. She and I have a very close and strong bond that I think neither of us is really aware of the depth and power of it. Sometimes it is challenging having that type of connection with someone.. sometimes it is perfect!

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