Friday, September 28, 2012

A Busy Week...

Hello and happy friday!

It has been a busy week in the design arena. The summer break  and move has done me good. A new environment, additional training, blogging and a new perspective has helped in ways I had no idea...

This past two weeks, a new project has begun and the design process is going so much more smoothly. Not that anything is different, I have just noticed putting more things into practice that I used to just take for granted. When I slow down and enjoy the process, it is so much more rewarding and a lot less like work. I love what I do after all and I enjoy a challenge.

I would love to share about the design, however, it is currently in process and I feel it would be a confidentiality issue to share too much about it at this point.

Today I present the design concept and the next meeting, put together the design rationale and preliminary budget. There is still a few bits of information that I need to gather to be conclusive on the budget details and how to make it all work.

Well, I am off to the first appointment for the day.. Maybe monday I will have some juicy creative thing to share.. until then have a great weekend everyone....

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