Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hardware Ordered ... Today for Windows!

It is thursday and I just finished placing my hardware order for the living room, front bedroom and kitchen windows.

I am doing brass spring tension rods at 7/16" with cafe rings with eyelet, having a 3/4" Inside Diameter.

These are details important to know when determining finished length and cut lengths of materials.

I went with a pre-made spring tension rod that is adjustable. The finish is brass-a little different than I originally had in mind, however, there is a large difference in cost between doing it this way and the custom cut ones. The custom cut ones would look much better. They would look original to the house and would be more of an antique brass finish. If I were staying here more than 10 months, if it were a house I was renovating and living in permanently, I would have absolutely made the investment. The rings will glide much more smoothly... Now they have to go over the telescoping part of the rod.. but it will be ok.

Just wanted to share... it is exciting forward movement on the project. -Oh, and I am working on a website. I need a business website, it is time to put myself out there and go beyond referrals. All of my business in the past few years has been referral and networking.. With gas prices going up and wanting to expand my lifestyle... it is time to expand my client base...

If anyone has any ideas or suggestion... I am open to them...

Soon, the sewing will start soon... I am getting very excited about this... and sewing for me. As I have learned time and again... I do not sew for a living... the pressure overwhelms the relaxation and meditative process for me.. sew for me... YUP! Sounds good...

Have a happy Thursday.. soon there will be more posts on color as well! It is part of the web-site and re branding of my professional career! I promise to keep you all updated on that as well.

Sending much love out into the readers and the world... enjoy yourselves! This day, once it is done, can not be done over! It takes up a new day..

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